A Day in the Life of Reception

At The+Source, we have four departments- reception, floor advisors, tellers, and packaging (the vault). We want to give you a closer look at each position, starting with the first face you see in our stores, the receptionists! Here are the 12 most important aspects of reception as told by the crew themselves.

1. A receptionist is the front line in the store.

Dulce at the Las Vegas location.

Diane at the Henderson location.

“My favorite thing is that I’m one of the first people that the patients and customers see when they come in” says Diane, a receptionist at Henderson. “I hype them up a little bit and make them feel a little bit better…feel more comfortable, by letting them know how everything works so they can get the full experience of The+Source.” says Diane.

The receptionists enjoy the brief, minutes-long interactions with the patients and customers. “I like interacting with them before they get into the store and start looking at products, I enjoy having the first conversation and experience with them.” says Bri, a receptionist at the Las Vegas location.

New and returning patients and customers are greeted promptly and kindly. Kacie, a receptionist at Henderson explains that she greets every customer with “an opening smile, explaining the procedures, and  letting them know there will be someone to walk you through the whole process…”

2. There’s a milieu of duties, and all are equally important.

Updating the menus with a checklist.

In general, a receptionist can expect to:

  1. check in patients through determining whether someone is a medical or recreational cannabis customer
  2. look to see when their valid, government-issued photo ID and medical card expire
  3. make sure guests feel welcome and safe in the dispensary
  4. update the online menus in real time
  5. ensure the signs in the store are accurate

3. Aside from responsibility, there are perks.

Kacie placing products on the menu based off information from test results.

“I like being able to see the test results for new products before everybody else” Kacie laughs. The dispensary receptionists are some of the first employees in the store to be notified when new products come in. They are given test results for products immediately in order to scan and save them, make signs for the store, and to update thesourcenv.com, Weedmaps, and Leafly menus t0 make products live or visible when they go on the shelves, as well as remove them from the menus when said products sell out.

4. The reception department offers these women and men a creative, motivating, and inspirational place to foster their development as professionals in the cannabis industry and hone their skills. 

Kacie cuts floor signs by hand.

Being a receptionist means refining and utilizing your skills, new and old. “I’ve learned a lot in the industry, not just reception, but things like terpenes and cannabinoids, and I’m actually making a Spanish version of some of our educational materials!” says Diane, a bilingual recpetionist.

Some receptionists don’t know much about cannabis, products, and vendors at first, which is okay. Rina from the Vegas location made a great point: “my product knowledge I’ve learned through doing menus has helped because I didn’t know anything before doing the menus.” The knowledge comes with time as putting new products or batches on the menus naturally develops one’s expertise on the matter. “I enjoy working on menus and learning the new products and seeing what’s coming in and coming out,” Bri says.

5. Our receptionists eventually want to take what they’ve learned in the store and put it to the test: they have big dreams.

Rina’s got Bri’s back.

“I’d like to own my own dispensary and lounge someday” says Diane. It’s important to build up your team, and as Lead Receptionist Rina mentions, “I get to help them develop their own career goals, I love being able to watch them grow and teach them things, it’s really rewarding.” These industry leaders in development are learning organizational skills, inventory management, customer service excellence, and multiple positions within the store. “I would like to manage my own location someday” dreams Kacie, after explaining how she is now familiar with multiple departments through cross-training.

6. Being a receptionist means being part of something bigger than just one department.

Chris helping out with Pick Up Orders.

“I jump on teller line if we’re short, patient advise on the floor, or make pre-rolls in the vault if they need me to. I also do speaking engagements and events, like the Friends of Parkinsons Fun Run where we were teaching the public about CBD.” noted Las Vegas Reception Manager Jenny. One sentiment that was echoed among multiple receptionists at different locations is “we’re pretty much at every department, helping everywhere” like Rina mentioned. “You’re not just another worker, you’re making an impact, we set the rest of the store up for success,” says Kacie.

7. Being a receptionist does not come without it’s own unique set of challenges though.

A keen eye for accuracy and dedication to detail are integral to the position. “If you don’t know how to multitask you can’t be up here,” Rina jokes. Receptionists check in patients and customers, manage the Rewards Program sign-ups, update menus, edit and print floor signs, and ring out pick up orders.

8. Attitude will take you a long way at the front.

Demy and Rina greeting customers.

The receptionists agree: it’s key to stay upbeat and positive to work at the front. “I express myself by making sure I’m positive, I’m always singing, I’m always making sure reception’s fun for everyone.” noted Jenny. “I like being myself, being happy and upbeat with the customers who come in” Diane says. “I express myself by always carrying a positive attitude, it’s infectious” says Rina. “I’m always being very bubbly and having a good presentation to make sure our patients and customers are happy and taken care of” Bri explains.

9. The receptionists know they can’t go it alone.

The team working together at Henderson.

Reception is part of the heartbeat that makes the store run, but they need to rely on each other and work with different departments for success. Jenny noted that “the team, the people we work with, they’re hard workers, it makes me want to be a hard worker, and we all pick each other up and inspire each other. I love my team members!”

10. One thing the receptionists agree on, is that one of the most enjoyable parts of being up front is the patients and customers.

Signing up for The+Source’s Rewards Program.

The receptionists enjoy commenting on your shirt or hat, or hearing about your day. Jen, the Lead Receptionist at Henderson, says she loves “being able to be one on one with the customer, checking in on regulars- they show us pictures of their kids and their dogs, they let us know about the cool journeys they go on or if they smoked something awesome last time or they’ll ask for recommendations. It’s letting them know you notice them and care about them.”

11. Aspiring receptionists can take some advice from the pros.

Rina checking an ID.

Reception Manager Jenny advises:

  1. have patience
  2. be organized
  3. be a self starter
  4. have exceptional customer service skills

To be a successful receptionist in the cannabis industry, Diane suggests having excellent computer skills, as receptionists heavily rely on multiple programs and softwares to do their jobs. Rina suggests “being creative in your approach to clients to set yourself apart,” by engaging in interesting and honest interactions. “I would say you have to be able to give the patient or customer a friendly personality and a great smile.” says Bri cheerfully.

12. What do the receptionists want you, the patients and customers, to know when you’re in their window?

Dulce greets a customer with a smile.

“My priority and focus is on them. They are number one. Whether they’re a customer or patient, in-state or out-of-state, 21, 35, 84, it doesn’t matter. I want them to come in and leave happy,” says Bri.

If you’re intererested in pursuing a career at The+Source, consider viewing our open positions here.

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