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Last updated March 27, 2020

We’re closely following the COVID-19 news and taking proactive measures that prioritize your health and safety.

  • We currently have two next-day delivery solutions:
    • Source Delivery – We currently serve both Las Vegas and Henderson recreational and medical patients. Sign up here.
    • BlackBird – Currently serves Las Vegas recreational and medical patients. Order here.
  • Due to high order volume, we are encouraging everyone to order in bulk and order early. All next-day deliveries are subject to a $125 (pre-tax) minimum with FREE delivery and are limited to a 5-mile radius from each store. Click here to learn more.
  • Have questions on products? We’re bringing Patient Advising to you! Email your questions to
  • The governor has requested all establishments to enforce strict social distancing policies citing “Cannabis dispensaries may operate by delivery only pursuant to the guidance that shall be issued by the Department of Taxation in conjunction with the Cannabis Compliance Board effective March 20, 2020, at 11:59 p.m..” 
  • You should expect delays as we continue to refine the delivery process.
  • Please be respectful, patient, and empathetic during these challenging times. We will work together to protect the safety of one another, respect the protections the state has put in place, and utilize sanitary and health best practices.
  • Please follow our email, social media, and website for additional updates. This is temporary. As a community, we are collectively experiencing trying times and this situation is dynamic and ever-evolving. We will emerge stronger as a community and embody Vegas Strong.
  • Stay home for Nevada. 

What We’re Doing

  • We are also temporarily unable to accept exit bags for rewards points. Hang on to these for now.
  • We’ve reiterated the importance of frequent and thorough hand washing with our staff and will be doing temperature checks. Anyone with a temperature above 100 degrees will be sent home. Tellers will wear gloves while handling cash.
  • We continue to go above and beyond our already high standards when it comes to the cleanliness of our dispensaries. We believe all cannabis use is medical, and as such we have a heightened awareness for making sure our shelves, floors, door handles and all high-traffic areas are sanitized several times a day.
  • We receive our flower in bulk and package it ourselves, following strict protocol with personal hygiene, gloves and masks. No one touches your flower until you consume it.
  • We’ve reiterated the importance of frequent and thorough hand washing with our staff and encourage anyone feeling ill to stay home.
  • We’ve placed multiple hand-sanitizers at each of our locations for our customers and floor advisors.

What You Can Do

  • Wash your hands before handling or rolling flower.
  • Resist sharing pre-rolls and pens. Usually sharing is caring, but it’s best to take precaution for the time being.
  • Clean any paraphernalia that’s been used by multiple people. We recommend using 91% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol to remove resin and plant matter from your glass, titanium, or ceramic.

We will continue to monitor this dynamic and fluid situation closely. Additional measurements and changes to previous protocols may be warranted and necessary.

Got questions? We want to hear them. Get in touch by calling us or dropping an email at

Helpful Links:

The Source Experience

The Source makes four promises to its patients, neighbors, and the public. These four commitments define The Source and serve as a model for the medical marijuana industry.


From the moment you arrive at The Source, you may notice the extensive yet inconspicuous safety precautions that have been integrated into all aspects of The Source’s design and construction. Employees manage the parking experience, walk to, and entrance into The Source. The best available security cameras, constantly monitored by The Source employees, surround the building. The interior was designed and constructed with patient and customer safety in mind. In off hours, all products are stored in a masonry vault with motion sensors and vibration detectors to deter any criminal activity.


The Source is the nicest retail dispensary in the industry. The Source’s architects, contractors, and interior designers traveled the United States before designing and building our retail location. The entire suite was cleared out before we started from scratch to build the most welcoming and professional dispensary for the patients and customers we serve.


The Source provides the best available medicine. Layers of quality control systems are in place to ensure that The Source’s medicine exceeds our patients’ and customers’ expectations. All of our medical cannabis is tested by a local third-party testing facility to accurately gauge THC, CBD, and CBN content, and ensure there are no pesticides, molds, or fungus. Our product procurement team’s only objective is to meet our patients’ needs. We have already developed strains that you will not find at any other dispensaries.


The Source is committed to providing the best customer service possible. As the recreational and medical marijuana industry in Nevada develops and matures, so will our dispensary. The Source is built around providing customer service previously unseen in the Las Vegas dispensary industry. Experts flown in from all over the United States have trained our team. We are committed to furthering the recreational and  medical cannabis movement by offering respect, education and delivering on our promises to our patients, neighbors, and the public.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe, clean, comfortable, respectful and compassionate environment, where our patients and customers can easily and affordably obtain a host of wellness products and services. We are dedicated to helping our patients through the healing process with a variety of wellness programs, education and advocacy, positive encouragement, mutual respect and a safe environment in both Las Vegas and Henderson. All activities will be conducted in compliance with Nevada law.