All About Hybrids

A couple weeks ago, we talked about the eight differences between Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. Today, we’re going to talk about hybrid cannabis strains.

Hybrids Provide Options

As you might imagine, hybrid cannabis strains combine characteristics of both indica and sativa strains. There are THC-dominant, CBD-dominant, and balanced THC-CBD strains, which give patients a wide range of choices in treating their specific conditions. For example, if a patient suffers from chronic pain, but is still employed and therefore cannot afford to be drowsy during the day, rather than choosing a pure indica strain to treat his or her pain, s/he should consider a medicine made from a hybrid cannabis strain.

What’s in a name?

Unfortunately, strain names often aren’t always helpful to new patients trying to figure out which strain will help them the most. This is because traditionally, growers have used properties such as taste, color, smell, and place of origin rather than chemical composition or palliative result to name each strain. For instance, Blue Dream is a popular THC-dominant hybrid, but a new patient wouldn’t know from the name alone that this strain is most often recommended to relieve stress, enhance energy, mood, and creativity.

Which hybrid is best?

How to choose the hybrid strain that will work best for you? If you like online research, you’re all set. Many sites offer information on popular cannabis strains. In addition, there are many books on the subject, readily available in libraries, bookstores, and online. If you’re more of a one-on-one, let’s-talk-about-this-person, we’re here for you.  Your Source patient advisor will take the time to learn about your particular situation, goals, and preferences, and will recommend the best hybrid strains for you.

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