Staff-Sourced: How We Holiday

For some, the holidays are a glorious time of lights and laughter with family and friends, and music we all know the words to. For others, it’s a hectic whirlwind of wrapping paper, traffic [...]

Storming Area 51

Close your eyes and imagine yourself as you walk up to a spaceship inside Area 51, open the door and walk into the ship. You stare in awe at the knobs and buttons and wonder of the beings that [...]

Staff Sourced – Kristen Baligian

Hello, I’m Kristen, one of the Assistant General Managers at The Source in Henderson. My life is surrounded by the love of my husband and son. My son and my husband are my world; they are the [...]

The Source + The Animal Foundation

  View this post on Instagram   🐶What better way to start your week than with some good boys! The+Source is teaming up with @theanimalfoundation to host an adoption event on August 26th [...]


Italian Night!   View this post on Instagram   🍝Want to step up your next dinner party? We’ve got the secret ingredient to turn ordinary into extraordinary – cannabis. [...]

Staff Sourced – Tim

Hi there! My name is Tim and I work at The Source Sahara as a Teller Lead. I first started my cannabis industry journey just two weeks after recreational dispensary sales hit here in Nevada. If [...]

Staff Sourced – Kacie

Hello! I’m Kacie, Signage Coordinator at The+Source Henderson. My long love for cannabis is what brought me to the industry. If there’s any way that I can help destigmatize the plant that has [...]

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