Give Dad the gift of Cannabis this Father’s Day

The most important gift you can give your dad on Father’s Day, is your time and love. A close second however, may just be cannabis… Dad’s use cannabis too, and what better present than the gift of relaxation and relief?

We’ve got just what you need to set your dad up for his best Father’s Day yet.

Share a Moon Rock with Pops’!
Father’s Day is all about creating memories with dad, and that means sharing experiences that you’ll never forget. Kurupt’s Moon Rocks are the perfect product to share – it’s comprised of a full gram of premium flower, dipped in hash oil, and coated in sugary kief. Each pre-roll tests around 50% THC, matching potency with mouth-watering taste.
This Father’s Day, we’re offering $10 off Moon Rock pre-rolls.* Get one to share with Pops’, and maybe one for later too…

Dabbin’ with Dad!
If your dad’s jokes are actually funny, he can rock dad hats like a boss, and he can reset the modem all by himself – he might just be a dabbin’ dad. Your dad deserves the finer things in life, and that means enjoying the finest cannabis concentrates Nevada has to offer. Tsunami is known for its terpene rich, heady, and top-shelf concentrates. Get your dad the best, and maybe he’ll share some with you…
This Father’s Day, we’re offering 50% off all Tsunami Concentrates.*

Free* Spray on Father’s Day!
Does your dad need to be a little more discrete on Father’s Day? No worries, we’ve got your back with the perfect low-key gifts. Tsunami crafts some of the world’s finest concentrates, and their Live Resin carts are no exception. Live Resin concentrates offer higher terpene concentrations, better flavor, and a more full-bodied potency. Tsunami has harnessed Live Resin in a functional and discrete cartridge, giving you the flavor and potency you’re looking for on the go. Arguably even more discrete, tinctures allow for sublingual delivery, diffusing directly into your blood stream for quicker activation. Provision offers a 100MG Spray Tincture that allows for convenient and easy dosing.
This Father’s Day we are offering a free 100MG Provisions Spray Tincture with the purchase of any Tsunami Live Resin Cartridge.
*Offer good on Sunday, June 16th, 2019 only. While supplies last. Additional discounts do not apply. Restrictions apply. See store for details.

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