How To: Order Curbside Pickup

Technology not your thing? No worries, we’ve got you covered. This blog contains step by step instructions on how to order curbside pickup. We’ve included clear call outs on what to click, when to click it, and where to provide any additional details you might have. 

And if you’re still having trouble, we’re always happy to help over the phone. Give our store a call: Las Vegas — (702) 708-2000 + Henderson — (702) 708-2222. There’s also an in-depth curbside FAQ available here.

Let’s dive right in.


Navigate to


Click “Curbside” from the “ORDER ONLINE” drop down menu


Please ensure that you read our delivery disclaimers and information before proceeding to your order.


If you have any additional questions, click “curbside FAQ” for our frequently asked questions.


Scroll down and enter your address. Our menu will pull up our nearest store.


Once our nearest store is located, click on it to begin your order.


At the top of our menu, you’ll find our current deals and additional menu disclaimers. Remember to always check here before starting your order.


Browse our menu for your favorite products. To select a product, click on the weight desired.


When you first place an item in your cart, you’ll be prompted to choose your order type. Select “Pickup”

STEP 10:

As you add products into your cart you will see them pop-up in the top right corner of the menu.

STEP 11:

To review the items in your cart; select the shopping cart icon in the right hand corner. Once selected, you’ll see a pop-up with your current selection.

STEP 12:

To filter by product type, simply select your preferred category at the top of our menu.

STEP 13:

You can also filter products deeper using the “TYPES” and “FILTERS” options on the left side of our menu.

STEP 14:

Additionally, you can sort our menu further alphabetically, through potency, and through price.

STEP 15:

Once you are ready to place your order, click your shopping cart, and press “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” — as a reminder, curbside pickup order minimums are $50 pre-tax, after discounts.

STEP 16:

Enter your first and last name, mobile phone number, and birthdate. Please double check this information; we are required to verify your ID upon delivery and use your mobile number to send order updates.

STEP 17:

For an easier checkout process, select “Save my info for next time” — enter your email and a password so you can easily sign in for your next order.

STEP 18:

From there, scroll down and review your order summary. Make any changes before proceeding.

STEP 19:

At the bottom of your order summary, you’ll see a “+Special Instructions” option.

Please type “pickup” here. 

For Wisdom Discounts, Veterans Discounts, and Rewards Points please indicate all applicable discounts here or call your store.

For medical dosed products; please request them here or call your store.

STEP 20:

After entering “pickup” and any special instructions, you’re ready to checkout.

STEP 21:

Scroll back to the top and click “place order”

STEP 22:

Congrats! Your order is now being prepared. After placing your order, you’ll be able to review the status on the confirmation page. You can also update your text message preferences here.

STEP 23:

You’ll receive a text notification that your order is being prepared. If you’ve signed up for text messages and do not receive them, your carrier may be filtering our messages. Please check your email for additional notifications.

STEP 24:

After placing your order, you’ll also receive an email confirmation.

STEP 25:

If you’ve also saved your information for future orders, you’ll receive an additional email welcoming you to online ordering.

STEP 26:

Once you place your order, you can immediately drive to the dispensary and pull up to our designated pickup area. Our friendly staff will help guide you. All passengers in your vehicle are required to be 21 years of age or older and will have their IDs checked and verified. You may not exit your vehicle at any time.

STEP 27:

Our staff will greet you at your car with gloves and a mask. In compliance with state regulations, if you present any signs of infectious illness we will refuse service. No consumption is permitted on site and the entire process will be non-contact. 

Please provide your ID and provide either cash or debit payment. Our staff will have limited change available. Once payment is received, our staff will follow strict social distance guidelines and place your order in the back seat of your car or trunk. Once your order is secured, we’ll send you safely on your way with your favorite cannabis products.

All orders must be picked up by 11PM or your order will be cancelled and you will have to reorder the following day.

More questions? Not to worry. Check out our curbside FAQ here.

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