How to make your own Pumpkin Bong

Pumpkins; the Jack-O-lantern of all trades. Pumpkin pies, pumpkin spice, and our personal favorite – pumpkin bongs! Here’s how to make your own spooky smoke device:


First things first. Grab your supplies. You will need:

  1. Small to medium sized pumpkin
  2. A poke tool of some sort
  3. Glass downstem
  4. A bowl for your flower
  5. Ground flower


Step 1. Create a hole at about 45-degree angle to fit your downstem. Be careful not to dig too wide of a hole. You’re aiming for something that will fit your downstem tightly as you do not want any extra airflow. For this same reason we have chosen not to gut our pumpkin. The middle of the pumpkin is generally hollow except for some guts and seeds. You can choose to gut your pumpkin or not but be careful as creating a hole on the top can lead to reduced airflow.


Step 2. Poke your mouthpiece and carb cap. Hold your pumpkin and figure out what will be the most comfortable place to have your mouthpiece and carb cap – then – poke away.


Step 3. Test out your airflow and carve deeper holes if needed. Pour water into your downstem and once you can hear your water bubbling – fire up! Enjoy your pumpkin spiced cannabis.

Pumpkin bongs are best used as a one-time festivity. As you can imagine mold can develop over time. After you’ve put your pumpkin bong to good use you can recycle it into a regular old Jack-O-lantern!

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