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Hello! I’m Kacie, Signage Coordinator at The+Source Henderson. My long love for cannabis is what brought me to the industry. If there’s any way that I can help destigmatize the plant that has helped me so much, I’m all on board.
Let’s be real—anxiety affects 40 million people in the U.S. daily. It’s a great feeling knowing that what I do every day can not only help myself but can also help people who are fighting their own battles. Today I use a wide array of cannabis products for my general well-being and happiness!

Nature’s Chemistry – Wookie

This one makes my mouth water! The flavors are like walking through a campsite filled with citrus trees. This strain slowly creeps up on you with long-lasting effects. It’s my go-to for a stressful day; it helps lower my anxiety and calms the body and mind. The best part? It’s great for kickstarting your appetite and getting you on the munchie mindset when your appetite isn’t anywhere to be found.

Remedy – Jilly Bean Sugar

I’m a myrcene chaser, so a lot of my favorites have a deep, earthy flavor profile. This sugar has a balance of myrcene and ocimene in the terpene department which gives it a delicious balance of earthy citrus and pine. Imagine you’re drinking lemonade in the woods!

Tsunami – Space Dream Cartridge

Heavy concentrations of myrcene, limonene & pinene make this the tastiest of my choices. The limonene helps even out the muskiness of myrcene, and the pinene adds the just the right flavor to make this cartridge taste like summer. This cartridge pairs perfectly with fruity summer drinks and really makes you feel like you’re in a dream. Flavor wise, the limonene takes the cake, but myrcene by far dominates the effects. Which, for someone like me, is perfect for helping lower my anxiety while not knocking me out and still allows me to be social. All while tasting flippin’ delicious.

Cannahemp – Calm Tincture

When I’m looking for a tincture, I want it to work. Cannahemp’s Calm tincture gets the job done. I’ve tried many tinctures out there and I’ve never been big on the flavors—for me, it’s the effects that count. This tincture comes in handy for days when migraines strike and I feel completely incapacitated. It gets the job done and works exactly how I need it to. I love this product.

BASK – Chamomile Tea Bags

These have a true chamomile taste with the added benefits of CBD right in the bag. They are perfect right before bed for a full night of sleep without that edible hangover feeling. Mix some 1:1 Cannabella honey in and you’ll have the best sleep you’ve ever had!

Synergy – Bath Soak

This bath soak honestly gets rid of all my aches and pains. Hit a hard work out and can’t move? Use this. Just need a little self-care? Put on a face mask, grab a pre-roll or your Puffco and use this. You’ll be floating on cloud 9 and feel super smooth afterwards.

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