Meet our Source+Veterans

Bacon from The+Source Sahara

Our beloved Bacon (Tyrone Miller) served in the Army in 2005 as an Infantryman Solider. He has served in Afghanistan and then later in Germany. Today, Bacon is still keeping the peace here with The+Source family as part of our Security Team. When we asked Bacon,“What do you like about working in the cannabis industry?” he laughed and said, “When you walk into a place and everyone is having a good time, smiling, and enjoying what they do. It’s contagious. People leave out of the door feeling great about coming in here. When you’re coming into work and you see people leaving like that, you can’t be mad about anything.” We can’t agree more! Bacon’s favorite ways to end his day are coming home and really relaxing, Indica in hand, music in ear, and a good movie with the misses. Relaxing doesn’t stop there, Bacon really enjoys to travel and is looking forward to his next stop,Universal Studios!

Kenzy from The+Source Sahara

Kenzy is a force of positive energy who brings tons of life to The+Source Sahara. We are incredibly thankful to have Kenzy as part of our Security Team. Kenzy served in the Army from 1979 to 1993 as a Combat Solider. He later returned to the Army in 2004 to 2015 and experienced Logistics, Supply, Culinary, and then later Recruiting. We asked Kenzy “What’s the best part about the job?” He smiled and said, “Working at The+Source is great for my energy. To be able to work around people that are so vibrant keeps the job more of a venture than a chore.” Kenzy began using Cannabis as a medical patient when he retired and has since found the therapeutic benefits of the full spectrum of Cannabis. CBD gummies are his day to day go to for inflammation and every day well being.



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