My CBD Story – Staff Highlight’s

Carol – Visual Merchandiser

“Before I began working for The+Source recreational dispensaries I always battled pain in my hips and hands due to Osteoarthritis. CBD has changed my life. Working long hours standing on hard concrete floors would have been nearly impossible without CBD. I have more flexibility in my hips with little to no swelling and inflammation. I use CBD capsules and tinctures in my daily regimen to keep the arthritis at bay. Full-spectrum cannabis products that contain THC and CBD are my favorites. The way that the THC and CBD are able to work together deliver the most relief to any flare ups I may experience.”

Frankie – Vault Manager

“I think everybody could use a little less anxiety and a little more sleep, that’s what CBD is for me. CBD helps me relax while staying focused so it’s ideal for my semi-busy life. I take a full spectrum 20:1 capsule every night to stay asleep and wake up with mental clarity and calmness that I carry throughout the day.”

Jenn – Teller

“After having my son in 2012 I have been suffering with anxiety. Once I began a CBD regimen I was able to fully relax. Days that would have normally sent me into a spiraled funk seemed to be so far away that I could feel like myself again! Not only do I enjoy my days more often, I’m able to take my son on adventures.”

Jessica – Patient Advisor

“I first began using CBD to treat my chronic neck pain about two years ago. Though I began my CBD journey treating pain, I found that CBD is effective for a broad range of relief! I quickly realized that it helps treat stress and anxiety as well. I’m so grateful for the positive effects that CBD has had on my physical and mental health. It only feels right to spread the knowledge of CBD and it’s healing properties to our community.”

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