One Question with Jesse Rabb, Director of Retail

The Source+ is proud to announce the arrival of Jesse Rabb, our new Director of Retail. Jesse joined our team at the start of this year and has been trailblazing a people forward path dedicated to exceptional service and developing our team’s talents and strengths.

An experienced retail professional, Jesse has worked with national brands including Starbucks, Chipotle and Whole Foods. He calls on his 12 years of experience in retail operations and management in his new role, where he instills exceptional customer service with his team by serving as a hands-on advisor. In addition to identifying and creating development opportunities, Jesse coaches store managers through operational changes and store openings, while consistently guiding all retail teams in crafting memorable customer experiences.

Welcome to the team:

“We’re thrilled to welcome Jesse to the team,” said Brandon Wiegand, regional general manager for The Source+. “In addition to his extensive experience in leading major corporate retail teams, Jesse brings a passion for cannabis and the healing properties of CBD to our dispensaries. We are excited for his leadership and the strength Jesse brings to our retail and the progression of our business and industry.”

Jesse was originally inspired to join The Source+ through his experience with the health and wellness benefits of cannabis. “Being with The Source+ allows me to take all of the skills I’ve acquired from other industries and apply them into the cannabis space with a company that is an industry leader. I’m fortunate to have found a role where I am working with some of the most talented minds in this business,” said Rabb.


We sat down with our new leader and asked him one question:

What are you celebrating this year?

“As I thought about this question it really forced me to go deep and think about my life in retail and what the cannabis industry truly means to me. I’m not celebrating any tried and true milestones but what I am celebrating in all facets of my life is truly having the ability to be happy with the work I do everyday. Taking nearly 20 years of retail from restaurants to brick and mortar into the cannabis industry has been the culmination of a dream finally fulfilled.

From retail to cannabis:

Retail has always been a source of purpose for me as connecting people to the communities we serve, the products we sell, and the joy of celebrating sales, promotions, or just growth, have always had me coming back for more. In the background of all of that when you truly believe in and are a proponent of the product that you are creating those experiences around it makes all the difference. And for me cannabis is finally that “product,” that lifestyle item that I truly have believed in in its merits in overall wellness that I had to keep silent and secret in my past work lives.

As a child who comes from a broken home due to drug and opioid use, and how it sent my mother into a downward spiral and corrupted her health. She relied on opioids as well as  literally  trash bags full of prescribed medicines that ultimately ended her life some 6 years ago. I only wish that we lived in a state and time that recognized where cannabis can help to subsidize a lot of what she experienced and maybe just maybe given me my mother back at a tender age where I needed her most.

The healing power of cannabis:

I have friends that for years told me about the healing power of cannabis  and how incorporating it into their lives in a medicinal fashion has helped aches, pains, sleep, and even depression. Having these stories and connection to cannabis and not being able to be loud and proud about how much I believe in it and almost having to feel guilty about that in circles felt as though I was living a double life in terms of my livelihood and my core beliefs always leaving me in conflict.


That, thankfully, is no longer is the case. Being here at The Source allows me to take all of the skills I’ve cultivated in other arenas and put them to use in the most passionate of ways with some of the most passionate people I’ve ever worked with in my life. I feel so fortunate to stand shoulder to shoulder with leaders that have so much experience and so much to share. This company has meant so much to our customers and our team members and is cemented in our communities in an awesome and almost overwhelming way that it is fueling me for all that is to come as we link arms and push our brand to new heights. I feel just completely invigorated to be apart of truly something greater than myself.

In closing:

So, in closing for a kid from Philly and South Jersey who has moved and  lived all over this great country for opportunities  (New Jersey, Philadelphia, New York, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana all in the last 7 years or so) lending a hand and trying to truly support and lead those I have served. To be able to have cannabis in my life in such a holistic way and unapologetically honest way, I feel like there is no time or reason to sleep and I couldn’t be happier about that because….I’m already living the dream. So the anniversary or accomplishment I am celebrating is one where I get to follow my heart and do the work that truly matters and fulfills me on a level I still have to pinch myself to believe.”

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