Our Staff’s Favorite Sleep Tools

Sleep is a never-ending battle that most people struggle with on a daily basis, leaving them stressed out, foggy and unable to focus. But finding the right products to support your ability to unwind, relax and get a good night’s sleep can help. Our staff has created a list of items available in our store that can help you catch those much needed Zzzs.


Dutch Girl – Indica Strawberry Waffles: 100 mg | 10 per piece. These delicious cookies are a perfect way to unwind after a long day and make a perfect sweet treat before bed.


Mary’s Medicinals – 1:1 Coltyn’s Remedy Tincture: 100 mg CBD: 100 mg THC (25 ml per dropper dose).  This tincture’s blend contains multiple cannabinoids that provide an entourage effect, helping to reduce inflammation and improve digestion relieving your pain for a relaxing sleep.


Cannavative – Indica Capsules – 100 MG | 10 mg per capsule. The relaxing effects packed into each of these hand packed capsules offer a comfortable, sedative effect that’s ideal for a nighttime routine.


Seventh Sense – Sweet Dream Capsules – 750 MG CBD | 25 MG CBD per capsule. Sweet Dreams packs a powerful CBD and botanical blend that will relax your body and mind for a calm and restful night.


Mary’s Medicinals – Indica Patch – 2 in x 2 in Patch | Lasts 8-12 Hours. Place this discreet patch on a venous part of the skin for hours of relief and relaxation, perfect for putting on before bed.


8|Fold – Inferno OG – This Indica dominate hybrid Vape will help relieve stress, promote relaxation, happiness and decrease nausea.


Tahoe Hydro – GMO – This flower is an Indica-dominant hybrid. GMO is popular strain to relieve pain, relax and de-stress after a crazy day.


Seventh Sense – Sleep Warming Body Cream – 150 MG CBD Cream. This arming


Stop into The+Source and see why our staff recommended these products for a relaxing night’s sleep.


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