Las Vegas, the top destination for recreational travel in the United States, is poised for an explosion of cannabis-related tourism when recreational sales become legal in 2017.

So, what can tourists and locals alike expect from Nevada’s “budding” recreational cannabis industry?  We thought you might want to know, which is why we’ve created the handy list of FAQs below.

When will it be legal for me to use cannabis in Nevada?

On January 1, 2017, recreational consumption of cannabis for those 21 and over became legal.  Nevada permits recreational consumption of cannabis in private residences and at some private events (i.e. your private dinner party for friends).  Further, possession of up to ounce of cannabis flower by those 21 and up is also legal.

What isn’t permitted?

Cannabis consumption in public (i.e. walking down the sidewalk or at a bar).  consumption in a moving vehicle, and the sale of recreational cannabis.

If recreational sales are not legal yet, where can I obtain cannabis?

The Nevada Dispensary Association anticipates that recreational sales will begin during the summer of 2017, which is what The+Source is preparing for.  We’ll keep you updated as we have more information.  Until then, The+Source encourages patients to procure medical marijuana recommendations or cards so that they can legally purchase marijuana in Nevada where valid in- and out-of-state recs and cards are accepted.

Are there hotels and casinos that will allow guests to smoke or consume edible marijuana products?

Hotels affiliated with casinos will not allow consumption due to their federal regulations.

Will all dispensaries carry recreational products or will some remain only medical?

There is not currently legislation which restricts the sale of any cannabis products to medical patients only.   Once approved to sell cannabis and cannabis-based products recreationally, The+Source will make all products currently available to medical patients available to recreational consumers.   We cannot, however, confirm what other dispensaries will opt to do and encourage all patients and consumers to contact any dispensary they plan to visit for information about any purchasing restrictions.

How much marijuana can I purchase? And how much can I carry on my person?

Adults over the age of 21 can purchase up to one ounce per visit to legal dispensaries and can possess up to one ounce on their person.

May I buy from more than one dispensary per day?

Yes, if you remain within the legal limit of one ounce per day. A registry to track purchases at the time of sale is under review by Nevada legislature.

May I bring marijuana from other states into Nevada?

It is illegal to cross state lines with marijuana per federal law.

May I drive with marijuana in my car?

Yes, with a few stipulations. You may carry no more than the legal limit for recreational customers, 1 ounce, and may not consume cannabis while in a moving vehicle or be under the influence of marijuana while driving.   Further, you may only transport marijuana within the state of Nevada.  Transportation across state lines is still prohibited by federal law.

May I take marijuana on an airplane?

It is illegal to transport marijuana through an airport or on an airplane because marijuana is still considered an illegal substance under federal law.

What marijuana delivery services are available?

While there are several delivery services available for those with medical marijuana cards, recreational delivery services have yet to be approved by state or local legislators.

What are the taxes applied to cannabis sales?

Sales Tax: This is the standard NV sales tax that is paid on nearly all tangible goods purchases. Sales tax rates differ from County to County. In Clark County, the sales tax currently at 8.25%. This tax is paid at the register.

Local Taxes: Several counties, cities, and municipalities have levied taxes on operators that reside within their jurisdictional boundaries. These taxes have been capped at a maximum of 3%. The taxes are paid at the register and may vary between jurisdictions.

Recreational Excise Tax: This is a 10% tax applied to recreational purchases only (a great reason to keep your medical cards). This tax is applied to the after-sales tax balance and is paid at the register.

Wholesale Tax: This tax is applied to ALL wholesale cannabis purchases that dispensaries make, whether grown in-house or purchased through another State licensed supplier. This tax is not seen on the receipt or paid directly at the register, however it does raise the cost of goods sold and is why you will be seeing price increases on products.

What are these taxes used for?

Over the next two years, revenue from the recreational excise tax will largely fund a $20 million boost for the state’s Opportunity Scholarships and provide $25 million to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), with the remainder going to the State’s general fund.

The wholesale tax, which is driving the increase in medical prices, will go to support Nevada’s schools which we will help boost our national education rankings. You can feel good that the taxes you pay are helping our State accomplish great things!


With over 42 million tourists annually in Las Vegas, recreational marijuana tourism has the opportunity to draw even more visitors by accommodating cannabis users, especially on the Strip. Still have questions? Feel free to contact us here.

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