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January is a time of renewal and fresh starts. It’s a time to reflect on the year behind us and the year ahead. This January we’re thankful for all of our great community partners and all of the hard work they do to make our local neighborhoods a better place — year after year. One of our partners, Opportunity Village, has been helping adults in our communities with disabilities since 1954.

Intellectual Disability Facts:

  • “Intellectual disability” means that an individual mentally develops at a below-average rate. These people can have learning difficulties and trouble socially adjusting
  • In the US, roughly 4.6 million people are identified as having an intellectual disability
  • This type of disability (which differs from person to person) can be caused by any condition which impairs development of the brain before or during birth or in early childhood. More than 250 causes of intellectual disability have been discovered
  • Systematic training efforts have proven that most people with severe and profound intellectual disability can learn to at least care for their basic needs. Many can perform useful work with support and can otherwise adapt to normal patterns of life. It has been proven that the most effective environment for everyone to learn and develop is one which is in the community and which offers a family-like atmosphere of care and nurturing.
  • Most people with intellectual disability can learn, although at a slower rate, and are capable of living in the community with little or no support services. Early intervention is a major emphasis since it is proven that the sooner a person is diagnosed as having intellectual disability and appropriate programming is started, the more productive and capable the person will be to have a meaningful life in the community. Vocational programs offer a variety of services to prepare individuals for work. They may learn a trade or receive supported employment help to find a job in the competitive work environment.

The Source+ is proud of the community work we’ve done together with you. With your help through our round-up program, we’ve successfully raised thousands for local Nevada charities including over $4,500 for Candlelighters of Nevada in September, over $2,400 for Ink Ribbon Foundation in October, and over $3,000 for Forgotten Not Gone in November. Your kind and thoughtful donations will help local Nevadans improve their quality of life. You should feel good knowing you’ve made a difference in our community. Thank you for contributing to these great causes.

The Source+ is partnering with Opportunity Village in January to help raise funds for their mission. Opportunity Village is dedicated to helping individuals with intellectual and related disabilities become the very best version of themselves. Through vocational training, community employment, day services, advocacy, arts and social recreation, these individuals are able to find new friends, realize future career paths, seek independence and community integration, and unleash creative passions.

Opportunity Village operates four employment training center campuses and a Thrift Store in Southern Nevada and hosts some of the most popular special events and fundraisers in all of Las Vegas, including the Magical Forest, HallOVeen, and the Las Vegas Great Santa Run.

In 2019, Opportunity Village was able to pay over $3.7 million dollars in wages and benefits to adults with disabilities in our community. Primarily a self-funded organization, Opportunity Village generates the majority of its operational funding through employment contracts and fundraising events, saving Nevada taxpayers over $37 million annually. This also allows for Opportunity Village to provide their life-changing programs and services at no cost to the participants.

For the entire month of January, round your purchase to the nearest dollar and we’ll donate the difference to our partners at Opportunity Village. You can also donate directly in-store via our donation jars.

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Learn more about Opportunity Village and how you can help here.

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