When most people think about the effects of cannabis, they think of relaxation, couch time and the munchies. But did you know that certain strains can have the opposite effect? We know you’ve got stuff to do, so we curated a few of our focus-inducing favorites that help us tackle our to-do lists with a smile.

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Water Hash, .5G $55

“Gives me a burst of energy and blasted away the headache behind my eyes!” – Steven Banderet, Assistant Purchasing Manager, Henderson

Lucid Super Lemon Haze Syringe, .5G $35

“A true Sativa that gets the body going. Keeps my head clear and I can get whatever I need to do done.” – Jason Garcia, Purchasing Manager, Las Vegas

Energize – SC x Slimer Rythm 300mg $35

“Gives me an overall uplifting feeling with a big boost of energy!” – Allyssa Farnham, Purchasing Manager, Henderson

Tsunami Lemon Pound Cake Badder, .5G $45

“Helps me start cleaning and definitely makes me feel like I’m ‘on a mission.'”

Highly Edible Sativa Sour Pucks, 100mg $24
These pucks help give me the pain relief I need throughout the day without making me groggy.

– Ronelle Williams, Assistant Purchasing Manager, Las Vegas

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