Staff-Sourced: How We Holiday

For some, the holidays are a glorious time of lights and laughter with family and friends, and music we all know the words to. For others, it’s a hectic whirlwind of wrapping paper, traffic and cross-country travel that culminates in a countdown to January 2. However you holiday, there’s something to help you get through it at The Source. Here’s some solid recommendations from our staff.



Halie Nichols – The Elf

Office Administrator


I try to bring joy to my place of work every single day. I like to show that even when you’re working hard and obstacles come up, if you spread a little bit of optimism and some smiles it could make your worst days turn into positive, memorable ones.


Favorite holiday song?


Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley & Martina McBride


Best present you’ve ever been given?


Third Eye Pinecone Pendant. My boyfriend got it for me on our first Christmas together. Each Pinecone is unique. Mine has the Silver Seed of life rings with turquoise stone in the center. It is known to be a stone of protection and a symbol of wisdom.


What’s your favorite holiday memory?


An Infused Potluck with all my family and friends. My parents have been growers my entire life. One Christmas, when cannabis finally became legal, we took a bunch of shake and made a couple different infused oils and butters. We spent all day cooking different entrees and sweets, and some of our friends brought their own infused products. We ended the day with binge watching Napoleon Dynamite, Grandma’s Boy and The Big Lobowski.


What gets you through the holiday season?


Cool Mint Bar

These are awesome to pair with hot coco on a cold day. Not only are they a tasty treat, but they help with the aches that the colder weather brings.


Indica Peppermint Tablets

The Indica Peppermint tablets are my all-time favorite. With easy low-milligram doses, it makes for the perfect high to bundle up on the couch and binge watch movies, or to relax my muscles after a good workout. If I want to relax after a fun filled day I just take a couple extra tablets to help me sleep through the night.


Who are you gifting cannabis to this year?


My grandparents! They had to fear getting drug tested throughout their professional careers but are retired and can finally use cannabis to help their medical needs and to further enjoy their retirement. This year I’m going to be getting the Nordic Goddess as an everyday topical, and Camps new flower Orange Ade.


Kenzy Brown – The Giver

Floor Advisor


I’m a giver by nature. I come from not having much so I always share and sacrifice to help others. I strive to have a benevolent soul.


Favorite holiday song?

The Christmas Song


Best present you’ve ever been given?

In 1999 on December 6 Christmas came early and I was blessed with the safe and healthy birth of my daughter, Kenzi.


What’s your favorite holiday memory?

No Christmas or Holiday memory will ever top that!


What gets you through the holiday season?


Move and Groove CBD Capsules by Seventh Sense

I have had several surgeries on my back and hips, but at 58 years young I have no desire to slow down. These capsules help relieve inflammation and soreness.


Motivator Pre-Roll

During the holidays, it’s great to sit back and relax with a Motivator. The infusion of Honeycomb gives me that extra punch and puts me in my best mood for the season.



Who are you gifting cannabis to this year?

Keeping it ALL to myself—oh wait, I’m the Giver—Naw, I’m keeping it all.


Corey Manibog – The Greench

Lead Floor Advisor


I’m the Greench because I’m usually not a fan of the holidays and got a lot of sass but deep down I have a heart of gold and love to see people happy.


Favorite holiday song?

My least favorite Christmas song is “Santa Baby”


Best present you’ve ever been given?

The best present that I’ve ever given was a gift that I stole but decided to give back because it wasn’t my shade of green 😉


What’s your favorite holiday memory?

My favorite holiday memory is waking up to open presents on Christmas morning with my family.


What gets you through the holiday season?


Peppermint THC Tincture by 8|Fold

Keeps me calm and helps me sleep with all the annoying Holiday celebrations going on!


Memory Loss Live Resin Cartridge by Tsunami

The memory Loss cartridge is such a good hybrid sativa, I just had to take it! This cartridge keeps me going throughout the holidays and keeps me on my toes.



Who are you gifting cannabis to this year?

This year I will be gifting everyone with cannabis (Just not the good stuff)


Kristen Baligian – The Giver

Assistant General Manager


I really go over-board at the holidays because I want everyone that comes to my house to feel welcomed and comfortable and to not want for anything! Just like when I was growing up, almost wanting everyone to experience the same feeling that I did. I decorate like crazy and I have tons of food, drinks and cookies for all!!


Favorite holiday song?

I have two favorite Christmas songs, the first one is also my mothers favorite and she would play it 1000 times on her jukebox while decorating for Christmas, Bruce Springsteen’s Santa Claus is coming to town.

I taught my son the 12 days of Christmas when he was 2 1/2 and he used to walk around the house singing it at the top of his lungs! So cute!


Best present you’ve ever been given?

The most thoughtful gift I was given was by a co worker at a Secret Santa exchange. He listened to me talk about I have my husband roll my joints because I am horrible at it. He bought me a joint roller that I still use to this day.


What’s your favorite holiday memory?

I come from a huge Italian family and every year Christmas Eve was like a fancy cocktail party at my grandparents’ house. The food was amazing! They served the traditional seven fishes along with tons of appetizers, antipasto and Italian cookies! It was always a night to remember and the best family memories.


What gets you through the holiday season?


2:1 Plus Blueberry Gummies

They are perfect ratio of THC & CBD for me, they take the edge of the Holiday stress and anxiety away without making me feel to relaxed. Secondly, the fact that I can micro dose them throughout the day brings balance and harmony to my body and mind and the slight buzz helps keep me in the spirit of the holidays!


Orange Ade by CAMP

The first thing that draws me Orange Ade is the smell of tangerines! The taste of citrus and sweet grapes is an amazing combination of flavors that just makes feel happy! The buzz is what encompasses the holiday spirit for me. This strain makes me feel elevated, social and hungry, just what I need to get through the madness of the holidays!


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