Staff Sourced – Kristen Baligian

Hello, I’m Kristen, one of the Assistant General Managers at The Source in Henderson.
My life is surrounded by the love of my husband and son. My son and my husband are my world; they are the reason I strive for a good work and family balance. One of my favorite things to do is watch my son minding the net—he is a goalie for the VjrGK’s, and I couldn’t be more proud. My second love is cooking and eating!


My love for cannabis started long, long ago before anyone even thought of it ever becoming legal. Once the laws were passed, I jumped at the opportunity to work in the industry when The+Source opened their Henderson location. I started as a receptionist, moved to the teller line two months in and kept climbing the ladder to where I am today—and I wouldn’t change one little detail. My favorite thing about The+Source is the culture we keep and the values that we follow. I truly believe that we as a team can conquer anything.

Here are my favorite cannabis products! Stop in and check them out.


Kush Mountains by Cannabiotix

I have to say I love this strain. It’s very lush and full-flavored. In terms of appearance and texture, these nugs are beautiful and moist. They have a pungent pine and citrus odor, rich in natural terpenes. This strain has a very relaxing effect, typical of a true Indica strain, perfect for winding down after a long day.


Mini Dog Prerolls by Dogwalkers

Dogwalkers’ Pre-rolls are the perfect size for me. I’ve had the Hybrid and Indica strains and they are both delicious. I love the little container they come in and the packaging just looks so proper and preppy I feel like I could smoke them at a country club and it would be ok!


Happy Camper Solventless Rosin Cartridge by CAMP

Happy Camper is by far the best cartridge I’ve ever smoked. Aaron and his crew did an amazing job creating this product. It tastes just like you’re smoking flower and the effects are my favorite of all time: Happy, euphoric and laughing until my belly aches! This strain really captures my personality and spirit! Bravo, production crew!


Bonfire by 8|FOLD
I really enjoy Bonfire. It makes for a really good weekend, watching the stars and having wonderful conversations with my friends. Bonfire provides the perfect amount of relaxation without knocking me out.


Milk Chocolate and Caramel Pretzel Bites by BaM

I’m sweet, salty and pack a punch that’s why Bam’s Pretzel Bites appeal to me.


Vegan CBD Gummiez by Cannavative

Cannavative’s CBD Gummiez touched my soul. I suffer from bartender back, (which effects my knees as well) and TMJ. When I started eating these little gems, I realized that my aches and pains started to subside, I started to move a little easier and my jaw wasn’t as sore in the morning. My husband said he didn’t have to push me to stop me from grinding my teeth several times a night. I was amazed and thankful! CBD is amazing alone, but I am a true believer that CBD needs THC to be the most effective for me which is why I will never stop eating these Gummiez.


1:1 Therapeutic Body Balm by Nordic Goddess

Nordic Goddess has perfected this full spectrum topical that delivers all the benefits of the cannabis plant. This 1:1 balm is infused with both THC and CBD, which work together synergistically to relieve both pain and inflammation.

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