Staff Sourced – Tim

Hi there! My name is Tim and I work at The Source Sahara as a Teller Lead. I first started my cannabis industry journey just two weeks after recreational dispensary sales hit here in Nevada. If I’m not putting cannabis into the hands of the people, I’m playing Apex Legends or Rocket League on Xbox. I’m a Sativa guy, so when I’m medicating my mind gets going and I dive deeper into gaming. If I’m feeling extra creative from some high terpinolene flower, I love making beats on Ableton.

Tropicanna Flower by Cannabiotix

This flower has a powerfully pungent orange and sweet-fruit aroma. Tropicanna gives a cerebral and uplifting feeling, yet provides a relaxed state of body and mind. This strain has a decent amount of myrcene for a sativa-leaning hybrid, making it perfect for relaxation and focus.

Stargazer Solventless Cartridge by CAMP

I’ve got to give a major shout out to Aaron Nino, the head extractor at CAMP. He’s really infused his expertise with the CAMP cartridges and they’re worthy of recognition and praise. The taste and smell of Happy Camper and Stargazer feel like you are smoking fresh flower. They’re not overly high in THC, however they are rich in terpenes which shape your cannabis experience. Stargazer makes me feel like I can kick off my shoes, turn on my Xbox and get into the groove of gaming.

Tsunami Concentrates

Tsunami has truly turned green into gold. They partner with top-tier cannabis cultivations and transform their flower into top shelf concentrates. Their concentrates have complex flavor profiles that truly mirror the flower and provide a mouth-watering and unforgettable taste. They really know what they’re doing when it comes to flavor. And the effects? They get the job done and done well.

Recovery Cream by Cannahemp

For those seeking CBD-only relief, Cannahemp is a great option for alleviating pain. They provide hot and cold therapy for sore muscles while delivering CBD that helps fight inflammation. Perfect for post-workouts or tired muscles, this cream smells of light lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus.

CBD Salve by Nordic Goddess

Nordic Goddess combines the best of both worlds and infuses both THC and CBD into their topicals. CBD has its limits for pain relief, and this salve goes above and beyond. The mixture of THC and CBD is what gives off the entourage effect and delivers the full spectrum benefits of the cannabis plant. CBD is great pain reliever for inflammation for those that seek it, but for pain that can’t be tolerated with CBD alone, the Nordic Goddess 1:1 helps further deliver the relieving benefits of THC.

Lucky Edibles by Altus

This company has flavor down to a science. Their gummies are full on flavor and don’t leave a lingering cannabis taste. These lower-dosed edibles are perfect for the novice edible consumer.

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