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Meet Elliot –
Meet Elliot, a lover of rock climbing, cooking, and yes, cannabis! Elliot is one of our Patient Advisors from The+Source Henderson—which means he knows a thing or two about cannabis.
With the plethora of products on the market, it’s comforting to talk to a person who has experience and the knowledge to back it up. We picked his brain about favorites, and his list does not disappoint!

Sundae Driver–Tahoe Hydroponics
Picture this: you’re cruising with the windows down, wind blowing and no worries in sight. Sundae driver is perfect for relaxing your mind and body. This strain leaves a light fruit flavor on the lips with a step-on-the-gas aroma. It’s a great option for the after-work wind down—day or night.

Orange Zeta Pre-Roll—Cannabiotix
Rolled up and ready for the day, Orange Zeta has bright flavors of orange and lemon with a subtle hint of gas. Zeta gets the mind buzzing while still allowing the body to relax. This is a fun one!

Taffy—Cheeba Chews
One thing comes to mind: sleep. This edible is known for its high potency and heavily relaxing effects. Perfect for nights when you need to relax your mind and knock yourself out (safely). Plus, it tastes just like a chocolate tootsie-roll!

Orange Cookies Rosin- Camp
Camp’s Orange Cookies Rosin is like jumping feet first into a giant orange. It’s a one-way ticket straight to flavor town with a rush of citrus flavor accompanied by sweet undertones. Welcome to a heightened state of mind with an appetite to match. Plus, Rosin is known for its pure process. Only heat and pressure are used for extraction—no solvents.

Grapefruit Durban Pure Cartridge-8 Fold
Despite antiquated stigmas, cannabis users are often active and on-the-go. This sativa-dominant cartridge is perfect for getting off the couch and getting things done. Fresh citrus notes greet your taste buds on the inhale, with a grapefruit tang on the exhale. This one leaves you feeling invigorated, uplifted and motivated.

Bliss 1500mg CBD Peppermint tincture— Seventh Sense
Peppermint is my favorite flavor when it comes to the CBD isolate infusions. Holding CBD under the tongue is known to have a faster onset than being digested; it’s absorbed sublingually and diffuses quickly into the blood stream. One dropper under the tongue for 60 seconds and you’re left with fresh breath and a lifted spirit. This is an easy one to add into your daily routine, and the benefits are well worth it.

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