Storming Area 51

Close your eyes and imagine yourself as you walk up to a spaceship inside Area 51, open the door and walk into the ship. You stare in awe at the knobs and buttons and wonder of the beings that have been there. Where this ship has been and what it has done? Strap in, because this trip is going to be a wild one.

Wrap your hands around 8|Fold’s newest drop, Area 51: an otherworldly new strain in a ready-to-use pen, now available at The+Source dispensary. Some of you may be planning to Naruto Run to the base, but we recommend gathering a few supplies and watching from afar—like from your sofa, for example. No matter how you plan to participate, a close encounter with this new product is guaranteed to make it a whole lot more fun.

Area 51 is an indica-dominant Hybrid blend of Ghost OG (an indica-leaning hybrid) and God’s Bud (also an indica-leaning hybrid). Get ready for heady, euphoric effects that put you in the right frame of mind for an extraterrestrial adventure. This spacey new strain has a spicy, rich flavor with natural cannabis-derived terpenes that will nuance your experience and set your imagination free.

Ready to see them aliens? Area 51 is available for a limited time only, so reserve yours today—before they all take off.




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