The Green Holiday Gift Guide: 2020 Edition

Written by Tony Robertson, Community Outreach Coordinator


CANN Social Tonics

CANN Social Tonics are for those in it for the long haul. A blend of THC and CBD is just the thing for those who are serious about the holidays. The CBD keeps the body loose and the anxiety at bay while the THC throws a little magic in the mix to keep the cheer flowing.

Shop CANN here


BaM – Peppermint Pretzels

BaM’s Peppermint Pretzel bites are most appropriate during the holidays, not only because they keep you relaxed and are the perfect addition to an evening in fuzzy socks with your favorite seasonal movie; these treats are made for indulging. If you eat one, you’ll want another (and another). What better time than the holidays to let yourself have a little extra? You deserve it.

Shop BaM Peppermint Pretzels here.


Polaris – Head Cheese

Did you hang lights, carry a tree in the house, and sneak a bike into the garage all on your day off? If only there were a reliably potent strain with high myrcene numbers to help your body recover without making you a zombie while you decorate and engage with family… Oh wait. There is! Happy Holidays from your friends at Polaris. They have your back with the ideal strain for seasonal stress relief, Head Cheese.

Shop Polaris Head Cheese here.


CAMP – Live Rosin Cartridges

Is there a connoisseur in your life constantly reminiscing about the days of hash? CAMP has taken the hashing process into the vaping age, using old school methods and modern equipment, they’ve taken that sticky green hashish taste (without any solvents involved) and paired it with a convenience of a pen. It’s a non-denominational Christmas miracle.

Shop CAMP Live Rosin Carts here.


8|Fold – Live Resin concentrates

When it comes to concentrates, the choice is often a matter of quantity or quality; not with 8|Fold. Using fresh frozen flower this Live Resin concentrate retains its potency and flavor to bring you all the holly and jolly you need to get through the holiday madness.

Shop 8|Fold Live Resin here.


8|Fold Peppermint tinctures

Once upon a time, someone wrote the North Pole asking for a THC product with the long-lasting effects of an edible without all the artificial sweeteners and calories involved. Stumped, the R&D elves said it couldn’t be done. Then came 8|Fold’s extraction experts who combined potent cannabis oil and coconut oil with just a little bit of peppermint magic and gave us exactly that. No sugar, no calories, no harmful chemicals. Pure cheer in each drop.

Shop 8|Fold tinctures here.

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