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Are you and your family thinking about adding a pet into your family? Where do you start when looking for one? When looking at your options, consider checking your local shelters—they often have many loving pets that have been lost, turned in or neglected. Read on to see how going to a shelter gives you so many more benefits than going through a breeder or pet store.

Save A Life

Adopting a pet from a shelter can potentially save its life. Shelters take in pets that get turned over due to many circumstances, such as, owners moving, passing away, having too many expenses or not enough time. Every year, many animals are euthanized because shelters cannot support the number of animals that they are taking in. Sadly, 8-12 million pets are euthanized every year due to overcrowding at shelters.

Save Money

When you purchase from a pet store or through a breeder, they are often more expensive than choosing a shelter pet for adoption. Shelters typically have smaller fees because they want to get these pets into the arms and homes of loving families.

Break the Cycle of Overpopulation

Lack of not fixing our animals has led to a pet population boom. Pets that are born in breeding facilities often times are treated inhumanely. These dogs produce litter after litter, in turn putting the animal’s health at risk as well as leading to overpopulation.

Many Options to Choose From

Shelters have so many pets available to adopt, from the young to the old and everything in between. Chances are when you visit a shelter, you get to look, touch and interact with the pets before you take them home to make sure it’s a good fit. Some shelters even allow you to bring your existing pets in to get acquainted with new pets before taking them home.

Fixed, Chipped and Vaccinated

Once you find your new buddy, some shelters will take extra steps to make sure you are ready for your new life together. For example, The Animal Foundation will spay or neuter, microchip (in case they get lost or stolen) and will even make sure your new pet is up to date on their vaccinations.

Pets can improve your health

Simply, pets improve lives. Adopting a furry family member can help reduce stress, ease anxiety and improve your mood. Walking, playing even petting your new friend can improve your overall health—In fact, petting your pet has been shown to lower blood pressure. Simply put—helping them helps you.

Ready to find your next best friend? The+Source is teaming up with The Animal Foundation to help us hold an adoption event on the 26th from 11am – 3pm stop in and see if you can help a furry friend find a new home.

The Animal Foundation is considered a high-volume, single-site animal shelter. Not only do they offer adoptions, they also have a low-cost vet clinic available for spaying or neutering, vaccines and micro-chipping. They offer various adoption events throughout the year to help support the large number of animals that they take in, and The+Source is proud to partner with them.

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