The+Source: Helping Raise Breast Cancer Awareness


When most people think about October, they think about fall, candy and Halloween. Here at The+Source we think about raising awareness for breast cancer. So many women have been affected by this disease; most of us either have had a loved one or know someone who has been diagnosed. This year, we have partnered with Ink Ribbon Foundation to help these women feel whole and complete giving them ownership of their bodies.

Ink Ribbon Foundation has teamed up with local tattoo artists to help women across the Vegas Valley get scar coverup tattoos. Mastectomy tattoos can help the healing process, often women will have the choice of a multi-session tattoo or 3D nipple tattoos for their choice of coverup. Depending on the design and the sensitivity of the area, these sessions can be broken up into multiple sittings and include touchups as needed.

Inked Ribbon Foundation provides an inclusive experience to make survivors feel whole, proud and confident. The healing process is a journey that takes time. In the case of The+Source General Manager, Shy Barton-Folger, her healing process is mostly physical. Having a bilateral mastectomy with a full reconstruction a few months after the first surgery. Also, having related surgeries over the years the doctors had prescribed her opiates to deal with the pain initially. But with the way that they had changed her, both mentally and physically, resulted in her husband recommending medical marijuana. Life has changed drastically since then, not only because of having a job in an industry that she loves, but because she can share her story and help others find their way to healing with this wonderful plant. Shy recommends getting checked early and often. Ask your doctor about self breast exams because they work as a form of early detection. Her mass was detected through an annual mammogram screening, which she started getting when at 24 years old because of her mother’s age at discovery. If any woman or man has had any history of any family member (male or female) having breast cancer, they need to get checked. Don’t wait it, could save your life.
The process starts at choosing the tattoo and artist, then once the tattoo is fully healed, they offer a closed-set photoshoot, including wardrobe and make-up. These photoshoots are to help women gain their confidence and make them comfortable in their skin again. This journey is empowering survivors across the valley. On the day of their photoshoot, these strong women are given images that are instantly shareable on social media so they can show part of their process. None of this would be possible without the tremendous support and donation that they receive.

This October, The+Source has chosen to help support Ink Ribbon by donating and helping to raise awareness through promotions. Together with your support, we can end breast cancer once and for all.

To see how you can get involved, Click Here.

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