6 Important Pot, Weed and Cannabis THC Facts

THC Facts

1. THC Isn’t The Only Important Component Of Cannabis: THC is the chemical that is primarily responsible for cannabis’ intoxicating effects, but there are some components of cannabis that have even more medicinally useful effects than THC. While cannabis strains that are high in THC are often preferred by those using cannabis for recreational purposes, our Las Vegas recreational dispensary patients of medicinal cannabis prefer CBD-rich strains of cannabis. For those who use cannabis medicinally, some people even experience undesirable side effects from high THC strains. Therefore, the cannabis industry has been putting an increased focus on CBD-rich cannabis strains rather than solely focusing on THC-rich strains.


2. Medical Marijuana Is A Highly Effective Treatment For A Variety Of Conditions: In fact, 92% of medical marijuana patients say that cannabis is highly effective. Marijuana is often used to effectively treat serious health problems, such as chronic pain, migraines, arthritis, and even side effects of chemotherapy. Five percent of California residents use marijuana to treat a serious ailment. As people become increasingly aware of marijuana’s effectiveness as a medical treatment, the number of medical marijuana patients is likely to increase.


3. The Already Large Legal Cannabis Market Is Growing: The legal cannabis market is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it is expected to grow by 25% next year. The legal cannabis industry will likely make 6.7 billion dollars worth of sales during the year. By 2027, 25 billion dollars worth of legal marijuana sales is expected to occur. The fact that the cannabis industry is expected to experience continued growth means that businesses in the legal cannabis industry are likely to succeed. This has driven more people to open legal cannabis businesses.


4. There Have Been 23,000 Studies On The Medicinal Benefits Of Cannabis: The number of studies on medicinal cannabis illustrates that there is a tremendous amount of research being done on the medicinal effects of cannabis. Due to this research, it’s likely that more potential benefits of medicinal cannabis will be discovered. This may influence lawmakers to legalize medicinal cannabis, which could help the cannabis industry to grow. Furthermore, these studies will likely cause more patients to turn to medicinal cannabis. People who own businesses in the cannabis industry are excited about the amount of research being done on cannabis.


5. Legalization Of Cannabis Reduces The Profits Of Drug Cartels: Cannabis has been legalized for both recreational and medicinal use in Washington and Colorado. In these areas of the country, drug cartels have been estimated to have lost 20-30% of their profits. This statistic could cause lawmakers to be more eager to legalize cannabis. This could lead to an increase in the areas where cannabis can legally be sold, which will help the legal cannabis industry to expand.


6. Marijuana Reform Is Being Considered In Virginia: Currently, cannabis cannot legally be sold outside of the state’s limited medical marijuana program. However, the state’s Republican Senate Majority Leader wishes to study the decriminalization of cannabis. Also, there also are marijuana decriminalization bills that have been proposed in Virginia. There also are slight marijuana reforms that are currently being considered. Furthermore, 86% of Virginia residents say cannabis should be legal for medical purposes.


The current bills being considered could be a stepping stone to more significant reform. If more significant reform occurs, it could provide the legal cannabis industry with many more potential customers. Virginia is the eighth largest state. Those in the cannabis industry have been excited about the possibilities that the considered changes could lead to better things.


Since Virginia is a traditionally conservative state, reform of the state’s marijuana laws could cause other conservative states to follow suit. This could lead to an even larger increase the number of places where the legal cannabis industry is able to do business. The possibility of multiple states legalizing medical and/or recreational cannabis is something that the industry is very excited about.

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