Why Cannabis: Kenzy

If there’s one undeniable characteristic of our staff, it’s their sincere passion for our favorite plant. We’re sitting down with our Sourcers and asking them, why cannabis?

“If you ask me why cannabis? I say why not? With twelve surgeries to my hips and back, I’m thankful to say I don’t take any opioids. CBD and THC are apart of my everyday regimen to help moderate my aches and pains. Not to mention it helps relax my mind.

I know a lot of veterans can agree that PTSD can inhibit your everyday life. Cannabis helps me by being here now, rather than stuck in my head. Why cannabis? Why not have a little fun? Isn’t that what life is about?” -Kenzy

My top 3 favorites right now:

  1. Cannavative Motivator Infused Pre-rolls
  2. Mindys Edibles 1:1 gummies
  3. Select CBD Recover Capsules Let us know your why in the comments below

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