Why do we package in store?

It’s a desert out there. That means a dry climate and often scorching temperatures. Your experience at our dispensary is our number one priority—it’s important to us that you leave with the highest quality products. From the products we make ourselves to the ones we buy from your favorite manufacturers, we take extra steps to combat the elements and ensure that your cannabis leaves the store as anything but a dusty tumbleweed.

We use natural hydration control through the curing process and package the cannabis when it’s ready, ensuring our customers get something fresh. 

We’re proud to say that we are one of the only dispensaries in Nevada to package our flower in our store. Every trichome-rich nug that you receive is handpicked by our vault team, providing an extra safety net of quality control.

We use the golden rule of packaging – don’t package something you wouldn’t want to receive yourself.” – Frankie (Vault Manager at our Sahara location) 

Because we purchase of flower in bulk, we’re able to not only provide you with the freshest product in the market, but also pass down our savings to you. That means getting some of your favorite brands like Cannabiotix, Tahoe Hydroponics, and 8|Fold for less.

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