Your Voice, Your Vote

Your Voice, Your Vote. Since we opened, we’ve promoted social change with a sense of purpose tied to championing the rights of others. It’s an essential part of the Source culture. Legal cannabis would not be here without social change. And social change would not exist without speaking-up and being heard.

We use this need for social change in the way we express ourselves, in creating connections, to come together and to put ideas into motion. It is also an essential component of the democratic process. That is why The Source is doing its part to ensure we are all able to vote in the upcoming election.

Stores, will be closed until 1pm on November 3rd to give our team the opportunity to cast their ballot. To help plan your vote, we’ve compiled a list of non-partisan organizations that outline voting deadlines and procedures, candidate and issue information, as well as voting rights and scenarios you may encounter during the election.

We believe voting is one of life’s most important rights. And we encourage everyone to cast their ballot this November, as democracy depends on everyone being heard.

Nevada Voter Registration

Ballot Ready


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